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Heyy youu all, I have a friend who #%$^$^ problem, the story die like this, since the levels of two other anti he was my friend with me, after all he is Jealous of my friend, because my friend is beautiful, and now with me once he was anti, I do not understand what her problem, if I may just want to say to the face, but I'm too lazy to rowdy, he has written articles I and my good friend in his blog, he is the shameful state, okayy now yana yana is written on the blog, her face matches the kind of bitch, I is not want revenge but I want to know if he would like that kind of, again a bad temperament if he is ahead of others he is a different story, my friend and next-he is my friend another story, I was already too much do not like him, let him to say what it is, my friends and I am happy now, and we never ask to help one of his pub! Posted budget is no need lah, just open the lid of your behavior if the beasts! has-been was aggravating other people .. you realize that bitch Dule themselves, if you do everything on my end and my friend, I'm sure you hurt like me right now, he is quite aggravating my friend and I, notwithstanding my want to thank him, and to warn him that it is not necessary want to keep the edges of the cloth, measuring

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